Why Portland, Maine?

Portland_Maine_Fish point_eastern promenade

Why is Portland a perfect wedding location? Let me share with you what I think!

1. The seasons: The weather in Portland may not feel like summer all year long, but the seasons are what attract any couple getting married. Summer is a stunning time of year if you prefer the heat, but fall, spring, and even winter offer something unique. Imagine a cozy, romantic winter wedding in fresh snow that just landed on the trees. Or how about a beautiful, autumn wedding full of warm color tones and our favorite fall things, like apples or pumpkins and cider?

2. Restaurants. Although a smaller Portland, Portland, Maine is gaining a reputation as a city for food lovers and has plenty of award-winning restaurants known nationwide. Many come for the lobster roll, but there are so many other food options worth staying for! How about Duckfat, Hugos, Flatbread, Central Provisions, The Front Room, Holy Donuts, Miyake, Becky’s and so many more- I could absolutely keep going! Your guests will love spending time in this quaint, seaside city and they will have plenty of restaurant options with prices to fit anyone’s budget. Enjoy!

3. Variety of landscapes. There are different landscapes all within a very short distance of Portland! Whether you’re looking for a preppy nautical wedding, a quaint seaside retreat, an island getaway, or a rustic, elegant barn wedding, Portland has it all and each spot is picturesque.

4. Historic and quaint. Portland is a historic seacoast town. It’s one of the few working waterfronts left in the United States, acting as New England’s largest seaport and second largest fishing port. As you stroll the cobblestone streets of the historic districts, you will notice some modern high-rise buildings mixed with centuries old architecture. Maybe you’ll tour the Portland Observatory, which is the only remaining historic signal tower in our nation. Come to Portland to get married to enjoy the history along the coast!

5. Boats! In Portland, not only can you try your hand at sailing, but you can get comfy on a ferry and take a ride over to one of Portland’s many islands. Maybe you’ll find yourself at Peaks Island scouring the sandy beaches for sea glass. If that doesn’t sound appealing, a romantic sunset ferry ride might do the trick or a tour of 19 century history. Feeling even more adventurous? Hop on a lobstering boat and learn what it’s like to be a lobsterman in Portland!

6. Art and shopping.If you’re lucky to be here on the first Friday of a month, enjoy a free First Friday Art Walk. It has grown into an arts and cultural event that everyone can enjoy. Visit galleries and museums, see live performances, and buy work from street artists. The shows and art in Portland are exceptional, but it’s certainly not the only thing you can buy.There are so many unique shops in Portland that fill the streets.

Portland is such a great destination to visit and a fun place to live! If you’re looking for a wedding spot that’s just right (whether your from here or far away), choose a city that your guests would love to spend time in! Portland weddings are beautiful and fun!