4 Ways to Surprise Your Bride or Groom in Your Daily Life!

By bride or groom, I'm referring to that person that you will be marrying or that person that was your groom 2 years ago or 15. No matter when your wedding is or was, that person will always be your bride or your groom. 

I adore true love and I believe in surprising your bride or groom in small ways. Days shouldn't pass by without pausing to show our love or gratefulness.

Here are 4 ways to show your love that you're thinking of them in a special way:

1. Leave a note in an unexpected place.

Your note could be short with a thoughtful statement or a long love letter. Leave it anywhere 

  • their lunch box,
  • under the pillow to end the day in a refreshing way,
  • how about a spot you know they'll be heading to (their beard trimmer or running shoes)

2. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and share it.

If you and your fiance have a love for music, use that common interest to show you’re thinking of them! The playlist ideas are endless: a sexy playlist to put you in the mood, songs that remind you of your first year dating, songs from a road trip you took together, or just songs that you both love. Music can really ignite our emotions so use that to surprise them!

3. Pause to look at your groom.

As I’ve said before: life gets busy. We have so much on our minds and we often quickly rush from one thing to the next. Taking a short moment to just pause is a perfect way to remind your grom how much you care. This simple gesture is so worthwhile.

4. Dance.

Imagine this: you’re both finally catching up on some cleaning and you have Spotify on. A favorite song starts playing and you may catch yourself starting to sing along. You know your fiance loves the song just as much as you! Go grab them and dance! It could be silly, crazy, or intimate. Sharing in this moment can be a blast and sometimes it’s a lovely break!