A Photo Shoot with Dustin

Professional photos of Dustin and I in our home is something I treasure because it creates a personal feeling. Currently, we only have our engagement and weddings photos- both were over 3 years ago!

We are still the same people, but our lives have changed and I wanted to have that documented! Enter: Greta! It was time for some new professional photos and recently, we were lucky to work with one of Maine’s most talented photographers, Greta Tucker!

On the photo day, we romped around at Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth. We had never been (eek), but it turned out to be the perfect outdoor space for us.

Even though Dustin and Greta met just that day, Greta quickly caught on to Dustin’s personality and used that our advantage! She was able to help us bring in those moments where he makes me laugh or simply smile. Sometimes it felt like I knew just where to place my hands or how to stand, but when I didn’t, Greta picked up on that easily and gave me some direction. This is just what I need in a photographer. If my hand is placed funny or my hair is in my face, I want to know!

Even though we were nervous to start (we wanted to be sure we looked right, who doesn’t?!), we had a blast working with Greta and I can’t wait to recommend her to my couples. She captured our relationship perfectly: silly, romantic, and sweet best friends.

Now, we just need to print!

Enjoy some of our favorites below: