The 5 Steps I Took to be More Organized at Home



Here are things I’m constantly organizing:

  • notes
  • emails
  • clothes
  • various totes
  • camping gear
  • pet items
  • craft supplies
  • unused decor
  • games
  • linens
  • the food pantry

This feeling of disorder drives me crazy! I’m often trying to make things easy to locate, but until recently, I haven’t found great success in our 1,150 square foot home. Well, I finally took a more aggressive approach and here’s what I did to feel some reprieve:


1. Made a list of what was driving me nuts. Doing this helped me realize what really needed to be organized and what already had a great spot.


2. Ventured to IKEA. Dustin and I were in Mass., so it was the right thing to do. IKEA isn’t necessary, but it certainly made organizing affordable. We found the Antonius frame and baskets which fit like magic in closets, and we bought a few. We also bought the Ektorp ottoman, and storage totes (for the basement).


3. Painted a closet that desperately needed a makeover. It’s brighter now and doesn’t feel so dingy! Maybe that sounds funny, but I now appreciate going into the closet to put things back carefully, rather than a quick toss and a door slam before running away.  


4. Reorganized and donated! I took everything that needed to be relocated and piled it in a big mess on the floor. This way, I could really see what I was looking at. 


5. Showed Dustin where things belonged. This step was the gold and the key word is showed. I took him on a little tour through our various totes and closets. If people in your home don’t know where to put things, chaos will come. Now that he knows where to go, there’s no excuses and my time and energy should last!


Here’s what I gave up on: our food pantry! I just can’t win here and for now, I’ve accepted it, but I'm so happy to have the rest of our things in easy to find places!