Is A First Look Right For You?

If you’re thinking carefully about organizing your timeline right now, you’re probably trying to decide if a first look with your bride or groom is right for you. First look photos are full of gorgeous embraces. You’ve probably seen the photos: the bride sneaking up behind the groom and the groom standing anxiously filled with anticipation. Or maybe, the groom is looking at his bride from afar as she walks towards him. The moment together is beautiful and the photos sure can be swoon worthy! First looks are filled with intimate emotion and we want to help you with this decision.

Here’s why it may be right for you:

  • You'll calm any nerves. If you’re feeling nervous for any reason, seeing your fiance can make everything feel right. It may calm you, so you can feel more at ease during the ceremony.

  • You'll have more time for photos. Saving all your pictures for after the ceremony can equate to a time crunch. If you want plenty of photos as a newly married couple, with family, and with your wedding party, you’re going to need some time. Without a first look, all your photos are taken after the ceremony and often, couples only have a cocktail hour to squeeze it all in. A first look allows for most of these photos to be taken before the ceremony without any sense of rushed emotions. This leads to the next thought...

  • You get more time with your guests. With most photos taken pre-ceremony, it means you’re freed up to enjoy more time with your guests at the cocktail hour and reception, which is a big!

  • You get to experience that special moment privately. Seeing the man or woman that you’re about to marry for the first time on your wedding day can be intimate and emotional. With a first look, you can experience these emotions together without feeling like others are sharing it with you.

Here’s why it might not be right for you:

  • Your day all of a sudden seems shorter. With a first look, you need to start your events a little earlier. If you like to sleep in and move slowly on the morning of your special day, this might not be a good fit for you. Also, maybe you need all the time available as it is to be sure everyone can be ready on time!

  • The ceremony may feel less significant. With a first look already behind you, the exciting jitters you feel leading up to the ceremony may seem as though they've gone by and your ceremony may no longer feel as special as you thought it was going to.

  • You love tradition! If your wedding day is deeply rooted in tradition, a first look won’t match.

  • You want to share the moment with friends and family. Some couples love the private feeling of a first look, but if you want to share your love story with close friends and family, a first look may take a piece of that away.


Make a decision that fits your style and choose what's best for you!