Find Joy in The Journey


"Find joy in the journey. " 

This quote that I've recently stumbled upon has so many meanings for Doting and Details and I'm really excited to write about it and share! As my business began growing, I had to admit to myself that I needed help so that it continued to head in the direction I was dreaming. I was feeling overwhelmed by all the little pieces of branding and ultimately decided to invest in brand coaching, which proved to be a fantastic decision! 

Through the process, I relished in self-discovery in a lot of different ways. One of the pieces I really learned about is that Doting & Details believes wholeheartedly in the journey of planning a wedding. I offer a variety of packages to serve couples in the best way, but no matter which package you find yourself needing, each couple is planning for a wedding and a marriage. 

Ultimately, I believe your wedding day should be everything you dream of infused with carefully thought out and familiar details. Along with that though, I also deeply believe in the process leading up until that special day. Your wedding day is a culmination of a lot of planning, designing, and coordinating and so, ultimately, it's a process. It's one that I LOVE, which is why I'm a wedding planner. So here is where the quote comes in! The quote, "find joy in the journey" really speaks to what I believe in. The process of wedding planning is truly a journey; a journey with smiles, laughs, excitement, anticipation, worry, and sometimes frustration. I want to be there for you during the journey and for the execution on the day of to create as much joy as possible.


What's also so great about this quote is the personal connection. I love hiking! My husband and I got hooked when we lived in Colorado and we can't stop exploring the mountains whenever we have a free weekend together and some fairly good weather. Sometimes, our friends think we're nuts-- 15 strenuous miles, 10 hours, 1 day, why?! Well, here comes the quote again! It's the journey for me. The moment when I reach a summit is unexplainable. I find beauty along the way on this incredible land. The end reward is also indescribable. A warm beverage, a freeze dried meal, and cuddling up in my sleeping bag is strangely lovely and familiar, especially with my husband and our dog, Porter by my side. Maybe this also speaks to my love for running, interior design, and so much more! 

The joy in the journey... 

I wish for all of you to find joy in each part of your journey!