Tasty Desserts You Need to Consider!

Dessert’s my weakness, no matter the time of year, but I especially crave it at weddings! Cakes have been served at weddings for hundreds of years, so the dessert you are thinking about for your celebration is deeply rooted in tradition. In some cultures, the cake was even split apart over the newlywed’s heads and by doing this, good luck was brought to all guests! This yummy tradition has evolved though and we love the new ideas. There are so many ways to have your dessert fit your personality! It’s become a great way to personalize your wedding and remind your guests what you love!

If you’re still thinking about the best option for dessert at your wedding, take a look at these ideas that I am smitten over!

While you’re deciding, think about these questions:


  • Does it match the style of your venue?
  • Does it match your floral choices?
  • Will it blend or compliment your color scheme?
  • Is it something you love?!


  • Will it work logistically for the number of guests you’ve invited?
  • Does it fit within your budget? Or how could you modify it so it will?
  • Will it hold up in the weather?
  • How will you display it?
  • Is it easily served? Will your caterer or wedding planner cut it or restock it if that’s needed?
  • What talented local vendor can make it?