A Doting and Details Couple: Meet Mark and Leah

Leah and I have not met in person, yet, but I certainly feel like we have! When I met Leah via emails, we shared so much about one another. I loved getting to know her and her fiance by reading about their story. It felt like I was reading a good book!

Wedding Date: July 22, 2017

Meet Mark and Leah

Leah describes herself as an imperfect perfectionist and an introverted extrovert. Both of these struck me because I’m the exact same! She also describes herself as a romantic and a homebody.  She’s a HUGE Kentucky Wildcats fan and loves watching most sports. She loves to bake (especially cheesecake!) and garden.

Her favorite morning beverage: Straight up black coffee or a skinny vanilla latte.  Oh, and mimosas because why not!?  

Mark has always loved to be outdoors. He loves hiking, camping, off roading, you name it…but not fishing. He likes to be up to date on the news, especially world and financial news. He really enjoys watching movies, although it takes an exceptional movie for him to say it’s truly good. He loves to cook, but not following recipes. Spicy foods are a must for him!

His favorite morning beverage: Black coffee – no sugar.

A first date memory

Their first date story still makes me smile! Leah decided she was going to go to this interactive wildlife park called Tanganyika and she told Mark she was planning to go there. Reflecting on it, she says, “I’m pretty sure he invited himself...he may remember differently ;).” Leah lived about twice as far from the park than he did, so she texted him that she was leaving. No response. Texted him when she got there. No response. Texted him after I paid and got in the park. You guessed it – no response! She moved on though and toured the park on her own. She had finished the WHOLE thing and was about to leave when he texted her back and asked if he could still come. She wasn’t sure it was worth it, but for whatever reason said the heck with it and decided to wait for him.  They walked the whole park. She learned he really LOVES the honeybadger...maybe too much. After finishing, Mark asked if Leah wanted to join him for lunch.  She recalls that she must of REALLY liked him because she said yes to sushi and Japanese even though she’s Plain Jane with food! And then joined him for the DUMBEST movie – “Let’s Be Cops.” But it was a fantastic day!

What they're looking forward to on their wedding day

Leah: I cannot wait to see Mark all spiffy, celebrating us and our love, and seeing family and friends…oh and being Mr. and Mrs. Koch YAY!  

Mark: I will be looking forward to seeing Leah walk down the aisle, putting a ring on her finger, and making her mine forever…even though she already is ;)

These two are so much fun and I’m thrilled that I get to help them with their wedding day. I can’t wait to watch them become husband and wife in just 6 short months!

Photo credit: Brooks Range Photography


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