Attitude of Gratitude

photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

photo by: Greta Tucker Photography


After reading a note from Joanna Gaines in Magnolia Journal, I was inspired to think about gratitude in a special way. She discussed the everyday things in life that are a blessing, like typical daily chores.


With that note in my mind and the storm this week, I’ve been inspired to explore this idea she had and think further about gratitude. With no power, I have a sink full of dirty dishes, clothes that need to be washed, confused and anxious pets, people I got to spend time with that wasn’t scheduled, and a community that helps.


Here’s the big ways I’m thinking of gratitude this season:


Household Chores.

This is the idea that was offered in Magnolia Journal. It’s funny to think of expressing gratitude here, but I’m totally on board.

  • Dishes: This is an easy one for me. I am so happy to do dishes because I love immersing my hands under the hot water. No matter the time of year, it feels like such a gift! I also always feel so rewarded by a clean countertop and sink, clear of dirty or clean dishes.
  • Laundry: This is harder. I don’t find joy in folding clothes. It truly feels like a chore to me. But, I’m also reminded that I’m grateful to have clean clothes to wear daily. It’s something we need and I have the ability to wash clothes whenever I need to.
  • Cleaning: It's the best! Seriously! Furless floors drive me to dust and vacuum. I can’t ever complain about this one. My pets cause a lot of our messy floors, curtains, tables, etc (darn fur), but gosh, I love Chloe and Porter to pieces so all the vacuuming, lint rolling, and dusting is totally worth it!



  • My neighbors: Gosh, I love my neighborhood. When Dustin and I both worked away from home, we would come home on trash day to our recycling and Garbage to Garden bin already placed near the house. Our neighbors respond to any text I send, asking to receive a package for me or any other ridiculous thing I ask of them. We all look out for one another. Our 86 year-old neighbor helped Dustin with our deck. I’m so grateful I live in a community where we care about each other and take care of one another.
  • My family: My mom was the first to call to see what we needed with this storm. Their generator was buried behind things, so they called rental companies and were going to deliver one for us. Instead, we stayed with them and sat around the kitchen table hanging out at their house while our food filled their refrigerator and our dog barked because he can’t figure out what’s going on. Family is forced, but each day, I’m grateful for them.
  • Friends: they listen, they understand, they share in joy. Simply put. :)  



The storm also reminded me how grateful I am for warm clothes, for shelter, food, a job. We’ve been without power for 36 hours and this morning it was chilly. Our house was 58 degrees when we came home this morning, but immediately I headed to the closet and put on my heavy, warm LL Bean coat. I warmed up in no time and was grateful to be able to put my trash, recycling, and compost out. I’m grateful to those individuals who were still out doing that today and who do it weekly for us. I’m grateful that I have Dustin and I have jobs that are able to feed us and so that we didn’t have to panic when we knew we might lose some food in our freezer.


I may have blabbed, but it really is the season to reflect on gratitude. There’s so much to be grateful for, from household chores, to warm clothes, to those who grab my trash weekly, to people who are kind, and to the men and women restoring power to the thousands of New Englanders without.