Picnic | Randall Orchards | October 17, 2017

Gratitude. I often try to find genuine ways to express it. Here's one of my recent, personal experiences that I want to share!


Last spring, I wrapped up my career as a teacher so I could spend more time focusing on my design passion as an entrepreneur in the wedding industry. As I took this leap of faith, I was managing a business, being a full-time classroom teacher, and learning the ropes of new part-time work in the interior design industry.


While this was all happening, Dustin took on everything at home. I would come home after 10 hours of work, sit in front of him to quickly eat, and then head upstairs to my office. He was making healthy dinners every night, managing all the laundry, dealing with the mail that piles up way too easy, caring for our dog, cleaning and SO much more. He even made me a cake one night to thank me for all my hard work... a whole cake (which he has never attempted before)!


I ended the journey of 3 jobs after 2 months and I wanted to thank Dustin for what he did day after day without one complaint. I have so much gratitude for him, his energy, patience, and love. It reminds me why I love my job so much as a wedding planner; love is absolutely a beautiful gift. As I began thinking about how to thank him, I naturally thought of a picnic. We love to picnic and usually head to our own backyard, Fort Williams, or the Eastern Prom with our basket and blanket.


Dustin deserved so much more than a typical picnic we’re used to though, so I began planning and finally this fall when we had a little extra time in our schedules, I was able to see it come to life. Dustin knew we were going to take photos in an apple orchard (I had to get him dressed up somehow!), but he wasn’t aware that we were going to sip on local hard cider, eat homemade pie, cheese, and more.


Amy was able to capture the day perfectly. We are so grateful to her for her amazing talent and skill, as well as her fun, easy-going personality.


For days following our sweet picnic, Dustin was thanking me (even though I planned it to thank him). That time we get together is precious and being able to have it photographed, so that when we’re 70, we can still be cuddling on the couch looking through these days.


Email me at hello@dotinganddetails.com and tell me something you'd have to take on YOUR picnic!




Planning and Design: Doting and Details, Website | Instagram | Facebook

Photography: Amy Caroline Photography, Website | Instagram | Facebook

Her Outfit: Morning Lavender

His Outfit: Banana Republic, His Shoes: Bull Boxer

Orchard: Randall Orchards, Facebook

Flowers: Flour Events, Website | Instagram | Facebook

Picnic Basket: Botanica by Picnic Time, Website

Hard Cider: Urban Farm Fermentory 

All Other Styling Goods: Target, 


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