Coordinating a Dear Friend's Wedding


Dustin and I had just finished eating our greasy Sunday football snacks on the floor in our living room when my phone rang. I saw one of my dearest friends calling to FaceTime. We don’t FaceTime, so I should have known:

Liz and her boyfriend, Cameron got engaged!!

I could not have been more excited for these two! Back in July when these North Carolina friends were visiting us in Maine, Liz and I were plotting her engagement and dreaming of her wedding day. I had just met Cam this trip, but his company was so easy and their connection was real! Not to mention, they are absolutely adorable together!

So here’s where things unfold…

Dustin and I started prematurely talking about our plans to head to NC and that’s when he suggested that I offer to help with their wedding coordination.

Yes, help a good friend with a professional service that I offer. Eek! I was hesitant at first. Business and friends. You’re not supposed to mix the two, right? Well, I asked Liz what she thought.


I wasn’t worried though. It was a big decision for her and Cameron and sure enough, I heard back in just a few days and received a response I wasn’t expecting. She wanted me to be a bridesmaid, but was so intrigued by my offer so she was feeling torn. She left the ball in my court.

Now from me: crickets.

I should have texted back sooner, but I wanted to be sure I was thoughtful about the decision and I just kept putting it off. Supporting a friend as a bridesmaid is an honor and an incredibly fun duty! It wasn’t an easy decision. Offering her a skill I feel confident about was support in a whole different direction.  

Liz called after a few days went by and I was grateful, once again, to see her number.

We talked about the benefits of each and we ultimately decided that I will coordinate her wedding day and offer advice along the way while still balancing being a guest. I could not be more grateful to help a friend in this way and I know it will be a journey for both of us, but I’m looking forward to every bit of it! I can’t wait to be a part of a charming southern wedding at The Bradford, a gorgeous venue that I helped her locate.

Liz is going to be the most stunning southern bride and I know she will be a devoted, loving wife for all the years ahead.

I’m sending Liz and Cameron all my love.


Next week: meet this sweet couple!