Newly Engaged and Feeling Overwhelmed?

Congratulations! We love weddings and even more importantly, we are romantics that value love. Getting engaged is such an exciting time in your life and it's a BIG and super fun milestone. If you’re like me, you didn’t stop smiling all day after the proposal!

Despite the joy, your head may start spinning because you know the planning process is going to be long. I’ve talked to so many brides who feel overwhelmed about where to start, so here are some thoughts as you start digging deeper into this joyful journey!

1. Start

Take time to breathe and simply imagine your wedding day. Maybe you already have, but let’s do it again! What’s it like? In a barn, on the coast, in a garden, a church, an event space, your family’s backyard? As your dreaming, what’s the weather you see in your mind? What else do you envision? This experience is so valuable. I encourage you and your fiance to each do it independently and then come together and share your ideas-- it’ll help be sure that each of you are heard.

2. Budget

After thinking about that, I recommend that you first decide on a budget. This isn’t easy, but it’s necessary because your spending can get out of hand. You need to set realistic boundaries for you and your fiance. Who is helping with the costs? Sit down with them, have an honest conversation, and talk about the specifics. Keep in mind that tradition is often overlooked now and it’s not as typical to see the groom’s family pay for the rehearsal details.  Some families want to help with specific costs (i.e. pay the floral bill or the venue costs) and others want to pay a specific dollar amount, but may want to see it used specifically. Hash out those details so there are no surprises.

3. Size

It’s important to know about how many guests you’d like to invite to your wedding because this will drive your venue decisions. Start a preliminary list.

4. Date and Venue

You imagined your day clearly, so pick some dates that you’re interested in. Are you flexible or do you have a fixed date in mind? Now, start researching venues. Scour the internet on multiple sites. Set up visits! I definitely recommend not settling on the first one you see, but I also know couples who have simply loved their first choice and couldn’t have been happier with it. Think about your favorites and consider making a spreadsheet of the benefits, including cost.

5. Next Up

After you’ve got these organized, you can start thinking about your wedding party, nailing down your vendors, and planning your wedding style.

Here are some other thoughts though if it’s still feeling overwhelming:

Your Curious Family and Friends: There are plenty of friends and family who love you to pieces and start asking you questions about the details. They also may start offering opinions before you even ask. Be honest. Tell them you’ll let them know when you’re ready and have some things organized. This is your wedding day.

Find a place where planning is fun-- maybe it’s your local library or a favorite coffee shop, or maybe just at home in comfy pajamas on your couch. Whatever it is, make it a positive experience.

When you start getting bogged down by the details, make lists! Lists never fail, at least in my eyes!

Make time for yourselves aside from wedding planning-- and when you’re on that date with your handsome fiance, don’t talk about your wedding. Let your brain wander to that family trip coming up or the chili cookoff you have planned with friends!

Finally, if full planning services don't fit your budget, consider partial planning or planning sessions with us-- we would love to help and we want to help!

Happy Planning!