A Doting and Details Couple: Meet Elizabeth and Cameron

Last week you read about my friend Liz's upcoming southern wedding and this week, I want you to get to know her and Cam a little more. They are the best kind of people and I'm filled with so much joy knowing that I can help on their wedding day and celebrate as a guest!

Wedding date: April 8, 2017

Meet Elizabeth and Cameron

Elizabeth: I'm a speech therapist who works with adults and children, particularly those in the Spanish-speaking community.  I grew up in North Carolina and went to college at UNC and Appalachian State, where I figured out I have a love for the mountains.  I lived the dream in Colorado for awhile, but am a Carolina home body at heart.  I enjoy spending time with my cat, reading, being in the mountains, and being involved with my church.

Her favorite morning beverage: a to-go cup of either bramblewine tea or coffee with almond milk, just because it's warm and cozy.

Cameron: I'm a bit of an introvert but once I warm up to you I'm anything but.  I love traveling, as well as golf and fishing.  If I'm not hitting golf balls into the woods I'm usually binging Netflix or reading up on a new cooking technique.

His favorite morning beverage: at least 1-2 mugs of designer coffee, black.  

A fun memory from Elizabeth’s perspective:

Our first date was also the first time we met.  Cameron asked me out over the internet and then didn't talk to me for the week and a half leading up to the date.  I had mentally moved on past the date in my head because he wasn't engaging me!  He set the date for a cute local coffee shop off the beaten path....for the day after Christmas.  I drove up to the shop and the lights were off, all was dark, except for a tall, shadowy figure wearing a coat with the collar pulled up over his face.  I wondered briefly if I was going out with Dracula, and if I would end the evening exsanguinate.  I almost didn't get out of the car that night, but fortunately I did.  It turned out Cameron was not a murderer but my future husband, and he had been ignoring me because he was afraid he would use up all his conversational material before the first date!  We went across the street for a drink instead, and the rest is history.

What they’re looking forward to most on their wedding day:

Cameron: We're finally starting what's probably one of the most important chapters in our lives, and I'm doing it with my best friend.

Elizabeth: Not planning a wedding anymore!  Also, marrying Cameron!  There will also be cake.