The Planner's Intensive


9 speakers. 9 hours. 3 evenings.

I believe in being a lifelong learner in ALL areas of my life. As an entrepreneurial wedding planner, it's so important that my skills are not only in wedding planning, but also in business, finance, and simply people. I’m always perusing the internet for courses that will help me grow in order to provide the best services to my clients.

I knew the Planner’s Intensive put on by Kat Schmoyer was for me because it dove into very specific content that would help me develop as planner. I’m all about intense work. I get frustrated when a conference is slow paced. I was impressed that in 9 hours, 9 different topics were going to be covered. In each hour, I believed that a lot could be covered, especially through a webinar because the speaker could be focused on their content the entire time with questions left to the end. (I also adore Kat and admire the path she has taken because it's very similar to my own).

Here’s are the range of topics we dove into in the 9 hours:

  • the design process
  • pricing services
  • curating a wedding day timeline
  • the best way to offer wedding day execution
  • developing a quality contract
  • building a team
  • sales
  • making the most out of client experience

During the entire process, I rapidly took notes, asked questions, and grew myself a to-do list. With a webinar, attendees can still ask questions, but there was also a FB group of planners throughout the country. The group in itself was an asset because we each had different perspectives and experiences to share. It was such an important piece to the conference. 

This intensive left me inspired because it was practical learning that I could apply immediately. One thing I know for sure about myself is that I am full of drive. When something is written under a to-do list, I tackle it as soon as I’m able. I instantly put the learning into action, which is exactly what I did with this conference. For example, I jumped into creating a welcome packet for my new clients and I LOVE it! I'm grateful for Kat for putting this course together with so many talented women in the industry and I'm looking forward to my next conference opportunity!