Thinking about including your pet in your wedding?

There’s no denying that I’m obsessed with our dog, Porter! Porter joined our little family 5 months after our wedding, but if it was before our date, he absolutely would have been part of our wedding! That dog brings so much happiness to our family.

Thinking about including him though, feels overwhelming. Porter’s the cutest and sweetest pup I know! BUT, he’s not perfectly behaved, nor is he the easiest dog I’ve met. He barks. He walks poorly on a leash. He’s a bit on the anxious side. Knowing these things about him makes me instantly feel like leaving him at home would be the logical thing to do. Totally not necessary though. Many of our friends would have loved to have been on Porter duty.

To help you make the decision and pull the trigger, think about these questions:

  • What's her personality?
  • What are your venue’s policies?
  • Do you have someone reliable who could be in charge of him, so you are "off duty"?
  • Is it a must-have for your day?

IF you’ve decided to move ahead and include your furry friend, here are some different ways to do it!

  • Photos
  • Just to be there for the festivities
  • The ceremony:
    • walking down the aisle
    • alternate to a bouquet
    • a member of the wedding party
    • a ring bearer or flower girl

If you don’t want them to physically be there, there are other ways to include them. Think about:

  • table names
  • your cake topper
  • your stationery
  • naming your signature cocktails
  • your registry: donating to a rescue dear to your heart

If you DO decide to include him or her:

  • Add the info to your wedding website! Don’t let friends with allergies be caught off guard.
  • Definitely talk about your ideas with your photographer and your coordinator.
  • Choose a friend to be in charge of your pet or consider hiring a pet sitter for the day, so none of your guests have that duty.

Happy planning, everyone!


Porter in his snow gear!

Porter in his snow gear!