Vendor Feature: The Winey Baker

One of my favorite things is dessert. Almost every night I can be found with some sort of sweet-- a little bowl of ice cream, a piece of chocolate, a cookie! I can't resist sweets and even though I'm GF, I still manage bites of wedding dessert! There are many accomplished bakers in Maine and today I want to share with you one of my favorites to consider for your dessert. Jill is the owner of the Winey Baker and she is a versatile, talented baker!

Here are some important things to know about the Winey Baker:

Jill organizes a one woman show, which is an asset to her business! She can limit and choose how much she takes in for a given weekend, which gives her the opportunity to work to her greatest potential on each wedding.

Here’s a little about Jill:

I come from a fairly large family--I'm one of seven children--and every Sunday we always get together for family dinners. I was usually in charge of dessert, and the more I baked, the more I fell in love with it! I followed several cake decorating or baking blogs, and two in particular that I loved happened to go to the same school. So I looked into it and before I knew it I was enrolled! I graduated in 2012 with a degree from Bonnie Gordon's College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto, and launched my business as soon as I was stateside again.

Jill especially loves baking for weddings!  She says, “I love bringing their visions to life through my favorite medium--sugar! I love being able to create unique desserts and tailor each dessert table or wedding cake to each individual couple.” She not only cares about the taste, but she absolutely wants to be sure it looks equally as delicious. It’s important for her that she is proud of every last bite she puts on a dessert table or into a wedding cake.

Jill’s advice for couples she’s working with:

I would definitely suggest a clear idea of a budget you're able to work with when coming for a tasting so that we can get the biggest bang for your buck! There are always ways to get creative and to create something that works for any price point without sacrificing on flavor!

What I love about Jill is that she does take pride in all her baking. Her desserts arrive just as planned and she’s so easy to work with! If you still need to plan your dessert and reserve a baker, talk to Jill and schedule a tasting with her. You’ll absolutely enjoying getting to know her and tasting her delectable baking!

I know for sure that you’ll absolutely love your dessert from Jill! Here is where you can reach her!

Left photo from: Lexi Lowell Photography