Welcoming Spring


After the snow has gone, I await the arrival of the fresh, warmer air and flowers budding. But sometimes it feels like spring takes so long to arrive in Maine. To help speed up the process (at least in my mind), I find different ways to welcome the arrival.


Here’s how I welcome spring:

I start buying more fresh blooms. This bring nature into my home and I love being outside. More recently, I’ve even been filling our home with more houseplants because I just want more of the outside in! Now, I just have to keep learning about keep everything alive.

I open the windows to enjoy the smells. Dustin and I have even begun sleeping with our windows open at night! Waking up to birds is okay with me-- and really aids the feeling of spring. Opening the windows also makes me feel like any lingering germs from winter colds have the chance to leave.

I refresh art and other decor in our house. In the winter we sleep with an extra blanket on top of our bed, but that slips right back into the tote that lives in the basement. I change out some of our seasonal wall art and things like our centerpiece on our kitchen table. I tuck away the winter mats by the doors. I find that these little changes help me really get in the mood for the warm weather ahead!

I run outside! This sounds like a silly change, but it’s so important to me. All winter long, I coup myself up inside on a treadmill. I no longer stare into the television while I recharge, but instead get to wander through my thoughts as I stroll our beloved neighborhood.  Fresh air on a run is such a welcoming feeling and exercising outside can truly be invigorating! I also just get out more with our dog, which I know he loves!

Here’s what I don’t do: Spring clean. We are often cleaning throughout all of the seasons and whenever we feel the house needs a deeper cleaning, we find time to make it happen… no matter the time of year.


For a wedding planner in Maine, spring also means that a busy wedding season is just around the corner. I start getting really excited about seeing things come together for couples because I know they’ve worked so hard and made a lot of difficult decisions through the process. With just a few months to go, you can start feeling pure joy as you really envision what your wedding day will be like and best of all, you’re so close to marrying your best friend!

Happy spring, everyone!

at homeCassie Fierspring