2 Important Considerations Before You Honeymoon


In a recent blog post I explained why I believe a honeymoon immediately after your wedding is so valuable. You can find that here. But today, I want to share two simple pieces of advice that I have for your honeymoon or mini-moon.


  1. Disconnect
  2. Tell the folks at your accommodations that you are on your honeymoon.


By now you probably know that I’m a firm believer in disconnecting. I could write so much about this topic because I practice it often. When I don’t practice it, it can cause me to be a bad listener or time waster. Disconnecting on your honeymoon allows you to fully be with your new husband or wife. There’s so much to talk about: memories from your wedding, your future house, your favorite shoes, anything really! Keep learning about each other while you have this special time. It’s your opportunity to be the best kind of listener. And sometimes, it’s okay to just be silent and enjoy the quiet, as long as you’re together. And don’t worry-- your friends and family don’t need updates! Everyone will understand that you aren’t posting on social media. There are so many other great things to be doing!


No matter where you’re staying, I’m sure that the hospitality industry wants to help you celebrate your new marriage! Who wouldn’t?! They can’t make your stay special or unique if they don’t know it’s your honeymoon. Tell them when you book it or when you arrive. Remind them that you just tied the knot. They will share in the excitement with you and maybe even offer an extra bottle of champagne or chocolate along the way. When Dustin and I ventured on our road trip honeymoon, we were overjoyed with the kindness we received from our hotels and we still have hand-written notes from one resort. It’s a memory we will hold onto.


I hope this helps you think about your honeymoon and planning for it. As always, let me know if you have any questions about your planning!