Glossary of Terms

There are so many different terms used within the wedding industry and some are trickier to decipher than others. I used to get stuck on them too! I've created a list of words and phrases for you to refer back as your planning and I hope you find it helpful. This list isn't exhaustive, but I looked to add the ones that are less commonly used or are just confusing. Definitely let me know if you have questions about any of these or others. I'm happy to help answer questions!



  • Best Man: a male friend or relative chosen by a bridegroom to assist him at his wedding
  • Bridal Party: sometimes used in place of “wedding party,” (see below) but it refers to the women in your wedding party, i.e. bridesmaids, flower girl, etc.
  • Bridegroom: a man on his wedding day
  • Bridesmaids: a girl or woman who accompanies a bride on her wedding day
  • Fiancé: The title ascribed to the groom in the period between his engagement and his wedding
  • Fiancée: The title ascribed to the bride in the period between her engagement and her wedding
  • Flower Girl: a young girl, typically before the age of 8 who walks down the aisle before the bride, to toss flowers
  • Groomsmen: a man who accompanies a groom on his wedding day
  • Junior bridesmaid: A young woman who is too young to be a full bridesmaid, but too old to be a flower girl
  • Matron Of Honor: a married woman attending the bride at a wedding
  • Maid Of Honor: an unmarried woman acting as principal bridesmaid at a wedding
  • Man of Honor: takes on the maid of honor role with some differences in duties and attire
  • Ring Bearer: a young boy, typically before the age of 8 who walks down the aisle before the flower girl(s) to carry the rings
  • Wedding Party: this refers to your whole attending party, including parents, grandparents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, etc.



  • Altar: any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purpose
  • Arbor: typically an arch at your ceremony to be married under
  • Mini-moon: a short vacation spent together by a newly married couple
  • Postlude: the music played after the recessional, as the guests exit the ceremony area
  • Processional: when the wedding party slowly walks down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony
  • Recessional: the formal exit of the bridal party including bride and groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen



  • Buttercream: a soft mixture of butter and powdered sugar used as a filling or topping for a cake
  • Fondant: a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored
  • Ganache: a whipped filling of chocolate and cream
  • Groom's Cake: the groom’s cake has the option to be more informal and can be at the wedding or more fun, at the rehearsal dinner



  • Boutonniere: a spray of flowers that men wear on their suit coat
  • Corsage: a spray of flowers typically worn around a woman’s wrist (given typically to mother of the bride and groom and to grandmothers)
  • Cascade: an overflowing, waterfall-like spill of blooms and greenery held together in a handheld base
  • Nosegay: a small, round cluster of flowers, all cut to a similar length, typically tightly wrapped
  • Pomander: a bloom-covered ball hanging from a ribbon, which can be great for flower girls, bridesmaids, or decor



  • Escort cards: an item that tells your guests which table they will be sitting at

  • Flat printing: combination of ink and paper
  • Foil stamp printing: heat used to apply shiny foil to paper
  • Thermography printing: raised ink that sits on top of the paper that creates a 3D effect.
  • Place cards: an item at a table setting with a guest’s name to indicate where they sit
  • Response card: Also called an RSVP card, a response card is a small stationery item included inside of an invitation that encourages guests to indicate whether or not they will attend the event
  • RSVP An acronym for the French request, "Répondez s'il vous plaît," RSVP commonly refers to a reply card