Why I Love Winter Weddings

Photos by: Jessie Wyman Photography

I think we’re all dreaming of summer right now! But I want to take a moment to express this huge love I have for winter weddings. If you love winter and all that comes with it, definitely keep this beautiful season in mind when choosing your date.

Winter weddings are just as dreamy as summer soirees. There are so many gorgeous and fun options to include despite the cold weather. I even see the cold as a benefit. There are so many sweet details that can’t be used on those hot days: hot chocolate or cider, blankets, ice sculptures, horse drawn carriages, fires, mittens… the list can keep going!

Aside from the decor and activities, your ceremony matters! Outdoor ceremonies CAN happen outside in the winter and it’s unlikely that there will be any rain to bring you in. But keep in mind the amount of daylight. It’s shorter this time of year, so if you’re envisioning that gorgeous outdoor ceremony, keep your time constraints in mind. Your ceremony can also happily happen in the warmth too and be just as beautiful!

Another benefit to a winter wedding: venues may have lower rates for this less popular time of the year.

So, the snow...

An unexpected snowstorm could keep your guests from making the trip. You never know when that winter storm is going to arrive and it will delay flights making travel difficult. But it’s not just flights that get held up, it may also be unsafe to drive and you can’t expect guests to risk the travel. Vendors may also have specific details about this in their contract as well, limiting their travel in poor conditions.

You may not have the snow base you’re hoping for. What I love about winter weddings is the snow and especially fresh powder. We know the season in unpredictable though. Some seasons we get buried in it and other times, we get barely any.


Winter weddings are dreamy, but with any season, there are different things to consider and you’ve got to decide what’s important to you. I LOVE them!