My Next Chapter


Today I want to share a little insight into my life behind the work.


For the past two years, I’ve been building Doting and Details while working as an elementary school teacher. For six years, I’ve worked diligently to educate young minds and help build good character within each of them. On June 21st, I’ll have my last day in the classroom. Maybe I always knew that I wouldn’t teach until retirement, but I didn’t expect this journey to end quite this quickly.


Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I’m starting to have and I’m not sure I even have the right words to describe it.


Let me tell you a few things about teachers. They work the hardest out of anyone I know. They make 1,000 decisions in a day and they answer even more questions than that. They inspire. They educate. They help shape children into quality people. They teach kindness and manners every day. Teachers don’t just teach curriculum. Teachers solve problems for kids, big and little. They provide food to kids who don’t have it. They help parents see so much about their own children. They respond to parents in times of need. Teachers also deal with parents when they are tricky to talk to. They give so many smiles out and tell silly jokes. On top of all this, they plan, prepare engaging lessons (TONS of them), grade, and give quality written and verbal feedback. Teachers work incredibly hard every day and they give so much love.


It feels sad to leave such a rewarding career where I get to do these things each day and feel successful doing it. I have met so many wonderful people on my journey as well- parents, children, and colleagues. They will forever stick with me.


But I also know that right now, it’s time for me to leave.


Maybe down the road, I’ll return. I never seem to know what to expect from life. There are always twists and turns. I never expected to meet Dustin, nor did I expect to move to Colorado, or again, back to Maine. Who knew that I would love backpacking? Life is often unpredictable and that’s why I love it so much. I’m always growing and changing.  


I’m proud of the work I’ve done for the past 6 years in the classroom. For now though, it’s time to explore my business fully.


I’m so excited to give all my energy and time to my clients. They deserve it and I deserve it. I’m looking forward to working a little less and having more time for my husband, Porter, and house. I’m looking forward to workouts not being quite so rushed.


I know this next chapter is going to feel really different and honestly, probably be hard at times. I'm worried about feeling lonely working from home. I'm worried routines are going to be harder to fall into. Despite the challenges that will come, I can’t wait to see what it brings me.


Thank you for being on this journey with me.


All my love,