Wedding Season in Maine

Tonight I met with one of my September clients and I drove off in my outback in a huge smile as I called Dustin. Immediately I said, “I absolutely love what I do,” but I could barely get it out because of my large grin! I feel excited before each meeting with all my couples and invigorated by afterwards. It never fails.


I’m so grateful for a job that makes me this happy.


Love is empowering and weddings are the best!


I haven’t had the first wedding of the season yet, but that’s coming in just a few weeks. I can’t wait and if I feel that way, gosh, I can only imagine how my clients feel. We all know that there is truly so much planning that goes into a wedding day. Every detail is carefully thought about and organized so that not only the couple has a memorable, fun day, but also so that their guests do too. I know that couples are happy to be spending their day with such loved people… which is part of why they spend so much time devoted to planning. But it isn’t just about the fun the happens, it’s about the celebration of love. Marrying your best friend has to be the absolute best part of the day.


Wedding season is here and I’m thrilled!! I’m looking forward to finalizing timelines and layouts, checking in with vendors to be sure they have what they need, and ensuring that your timeline flows in an organized way. As I think about all these things that I hope go perfectly for you, it’s hard not to feel a slight bit of stress. It’s driving, energizing stress though and I’m so happy to be doing it for you and I’m grateful you’re trusting me with such a special day.


On a wedding day, I have 3 favorites parts.

  1. I love setup. This one is just for me. It’s a piece of what drove me to wedding planning. I love the design, the minute detail of placement and layout. It’s a calming time for me as I organize everything that you’ve envisioned.
  2. The kiss. I promise it’s not weird!! It seals the deal. It’s the pinnacle. You’ve said the sweetest words, given so many genuine promises, and you’re married. You’ve committed to a long life ahead with your best friend. That moment is hard not to love!
  3. The toasts. These tell me so much more a couple that I may not already know. It’s important for me to be nearby during this time so that I can simply enjoy the fun, kind words being said in honor of the couple. The words and the facial expressions are so memorable!


I’m ready for the details and planning to come to life in these upcoming months with so many genuine, wonderful people.