Why I'll Make Decisions Without Consulting You on Your Wedding Day

Photo (left): Live Light Photography


On your wedding day, there are so many moving parts. What I mean by this is that there are probably 5 or more vendors providing a service for you and your guests and on top of that, you have additional details planned hoping to be executed perfectly.


Having a wedding coordinator is truly essential in order for it to all play out as you have envisioned.


So here’s the thing, I’m going to make decisions without asking you on your wedding day. You’ve hired me and that tells me that you trust me to make those decisions without you.


I don’t want to interrupt your day unless it feels absolutely necessary. I don’t even want your DJ to either. I don’t want any of your vendors to in fact, which is why I’m here. Although you like us (you did hire us ;)), your wedding day is about celebrating with your friends and family that are surrounding you, not about worrying about the decor and details!


Here are a just a few examples of decisions I’ve made in the past without consulting a newlywed on their special day:

  • Exact setup of a dessert bar
  • Switching 1round table to a rectangular table due to incorrect ordering
  • Moving a table slightly
  • Adjusting the time of toasts to ensure guests had enough eating time
  • Switching the order of who is offering toasts


There is so much going on during your wedding day and I believe it's my responsibility to be sure you aren’t worrying or even thinking about little things. Your job is to have the best day!!