Easy Guide to Changing Your Last Name


Thinking about changing your last name? Here are the steps to make it official!

1. Grab your marriage license.

You’ll need it!

2. Social Security Card.

Start with your social security card. Fill out the application on their website. Mail in the application to your local office along with the original marriage license. It's scary to mail it, but they send it back, no worries! Here are the locations in Maine-- you can also make a visit. And here is the link to their website with full, easy to follow instructions.

3. Head to the DMV.

Your favorite place, right? Once your new SS card comes in, bring that, along with your current license, and your marriage license. Wait in line and get a new license. Dress ready for a new photo! In Maine, be sure to do this within 30 days of your name change. And don't forget, this is also the place to change your vehicle registration too. 

4. Bank Accounts.

Bring in your marriage license and your new driver’s license-- have your accounts changed, get new checks (if you still use them, I do!), new debit and credit cards. Do this for ALL of your bank accounts.

5. The Rest.

Slowly start changing other things.

  • Anything at work need to be changed? Your payroll office need to know?
  • The Post Office
  • Other billing companies like the electric company?
  • Insurance companies?
  • Change your passport while your busy doing these things too

Some things can be done just as they come up, like voting or visits to the doctor. I've still never changed with one of my loan companies. Some of the things just don't matter.


Seems like a lot of steps, but once it's done, it'll feel like a smooth transition!