4 Ways to Bring an Extra Smile to Your Partner's Face Today

One quote that I find myself hanging onto that I hear at ceremonies that’s a piece of The Art of Marriage is “It is not only marrying the right partner; it is being the right partner.” Part of marriage means sometimes putting your own needs second. Before thinking of yourself, as a girlfriend, fiance, husband, we need to think about what you can do for our partner.


These are a few ideas when you’re thinking about a way you can surprise your partner or just put a little extra smile on their face.


Hug them when you walk through the door at the end of a work day. When you arrive home, the to-do list can easily consume our minds, but it’s important to not let that happen immediately. Take time to say hello and embrace. Making a habit of this can make your arrival home each day a little more special.

Create a personalized scavenger hunt. This may sound cheesey, but it’s seriously so fun! Scavenger hunts can bring you back to places around town that remind you of dating or through a beloved bookshelf or even through your pantry! They can be as easy or difficult to put together as you’d like. Your clues don’t need to be setup at each location, they can just be in a row, so your partner opens them one at a time. All you need is a quick plan, some paper and a pen. For example, head to the place that we first lived or go to the book that we both had a copy of at one time.

Cook or bake for your partner. Maybe cooking isn’t your forte - it certainly isn’t mine, but be brave anyway! (Or maybe you LOVE it, which is great too)! Tell your partner to take a night off from all their help around the home and rest. While they are catching up on a favorite magazine, TV show, or perusing the internet, make a meal that you know they love or cookies that are their favorite. Or have them hang out with you, sipping their favorite wine or whiskey while you cook. This is a great opportunity to be together and connect.

Wake up a little earlier than usual and have your loved one’s coffee ready to start their day. If they don't do hot beverages, maybe that yummy breakfast you don't usually have time for. My husband makes my tea for me almost every day. He wakes up earlier than needed, just to have my morning tea waiting for me on the coffee table when I crawl out of bed to catch a little bit of the news. This is the sweetest gesture because it means putting someone else’s needs in front of your own. It’s taking care of someone you love.


I find these things to be SO valuable in a relationship. It's important not to take our partner for granted. Thank them and show them you love them every day!