Vendor Feature: Coco Design Company

So a little secret: I can sometimes be a bit of an introvert. This means, getting to know wedding vendors at large events can sometimes be hard for me. Regardless of the struggle, it’s always worth it!! Getting to know different professionals in the wedding industry has been so much fun. Each individual bring talents to a wedding day that I’m so grateful to witness.


Today, I’d love for you to get to know Coco of Coco Design Company.


Coco has been in the floral industry for almost 20 years. She took a chance on herself and began Coco Design Company 6 years ago and has loved every moment of it! Here are a few questions I asked her:


What's your favorite part of your work when helping engaged couples?

When I connect, personally, with the couples. I'm genuinely honored to be a part of their big day. Planning a wedding is very intense and can be full of anxiety. So to connect with your vendors really helps the process to be less scary. And then you can start the design process with ease and confidence.


Do you have a favorite moment on the wedding day?

The moment that always gets me is when I arrive with the flowers and show the bride her bouquet. The bride tears up. The Mom tears up. I start to tear up. I think it dawns on them that it's all about to happen.  I'm so lucky to be a part of that emotional and vulnerable point behind the scenes. It's a beautiful moment.


Do you have any unique advice to share with engaged couples seeking out floral design?

When my couples want to DIY their flowers and overall wedding aspects I share with them my own wedding day experience. I took everything upon myself (since I was in the industry) and found myself too preoccupied (and exhausted) to interact with my friends and family to truly be in the moment and appreciate all that was happening around me. I ended up calling upon my (floral designer bestie) and having them do my own flowers. This allowed me to take a breath and enjoy all those who gathered around me and my husband on our special day. This story really resonates with them. Because, truly, it's all about being able to live in the moment and sit back and enjoy your big day.


I love that Coco shares this because it’s a great reminder to all couples. You know this already, but this day goes by quickly and you want to be savoring each moment with every person who is in attendance. Hire people you trust to ensure you can be present.


Coco has an incredible skill and talent helps your day feel complete!