Fall Hopes

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

I didn’t want fall to arrive. Fall means winter’s around the corner. I like what winter brings, BUT I’d rather be out and about in a skirt or shorts any day, rather than bundled to the max!


So here it is September and I’ve embraced it. It’s a strange September for me because normally, I’d be welcoming a new crew of fourth graders and this year I’m not. I’m delving entirely into my business and my clients. I’ve had so many mixed emotions about it over the past year (this was a long decision in the making) and today, I know I’m happy with what I chose. I’ll miss the little ones, but I know I’ll continue to find a way to make a difference in kids’ lives.


For now, YOU are my priority. My readers, my clients, my people! I’m THRILLED about this and so naturally, I’m also thrilled about fall because it welcomes this new journey for me!


Here’s what I’m hoping for as the crisp air greets us:

  • Apple picking
  • Baking all things pumpkin and apple
  • Organize my basement (this place is my arch enemy-- is that the phrase?)
  • Gather estimates for tearing out our pool in the spring... (if you know anyone, let me know!)
  • A photo shoot with the lovely Amy of Amy Caroline Photography in Colorado
  • Fresh new photos of Dustin and I (maybe we’ll get to squeeze in Porter this time)
  • Spending more time in my office (the hot weather and lack of AC drove me to work in the dining room this summer)
  • 2 more blog posts each month with a little more personal sprinkled in
  • Connecting with more creatives in the industry to not just network, but to brainstorm and grow (let me know if you see this and want to get together!)
  • Digging deep into feedback from 2017 clients to grow and learn


This is a BIG list and maybe it’s a little too ambitious, but I also know that when I set goals, I work my butt off to achieve them. If I fail, I’ll forgive myself and know that winter will gladly accept the leftovers. :)