How My Learning at Creative at Heart Connects to You

By now you’ve probably gathered how important education is to me! I’m constantly learning in all areas of life-- how to be a better wife, how to manage my garden, how to improve my running, among so many other pieces which make me who I am. Education in my business is just as important. Not only do I want to be the best wedding planner for my clients, but I also want to run my business as efficiently as possible, which trickles down and affects everyone I work, including clients, vendors, and employees. I definitely did not go to school to run a business, so it’s absolutely essential I learn these things from experts.

Last month I had the opportunity to learn from some really talented people! I attended Creative @ Heart. I’ve admired this conference from a distance for a few years now and when they opened up 5 more seats for this round, I knew I needed to be there for myself and for my clients.

I booked that spot immediately after reading the email, booked plane rides, coordinated with my friends who live in North Carolina, and dove into the Facebook group and introduced myself while explaining that I needed some roomies. Not long after, I had 3 roommates from all areas of the country- totally out of my usual comfort zone!

I took that plane ride, hung with my NC friends, and then hopped in a car with a total stranger and drove across the state to the conference. Immediately, my new friend Jess (from Boston) and I met our other 2 roommates (from DC and Oregon). I felt so connected, very quickly.

Then it began and I quickly realized that Creative @ Heart was the best investment I have made for Doting and Details since I began. After just one day of content (there were three ENTIRE days), I felt as though I could’ve walked away knowing I got every bit of my money’s worth— but I still have 2 more days!! You guys, there was so much good content! We learned as a whole group from keynote speakers, in small group breakout sessions that we chose, in our small industry group, and during non-education times, like at dinner with our new friends. I gained information on so many things, but here’s a little insight:

systems and processes

business growth

website copy

serving clients well

services to offer

managing email

social media approach


being true to self

Aside from the education, I found a sense of community. I’m so grateful to now have other creatives across the country who are in both similar and different seasons of business to share and connect with. This only helps better my work!

If you’re a client or prospective client, please know that this conference has helped better my work in so many valuable ways!

If you’re a creative and have questions about attending, please ask away!

Enjoy the photos below from Bethanne Arthur Photography

Venue: Winmock

Conference: Creative at Heart