6 Factors to Consider when Choosing Where to Get Ready

photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

I love when the brides ask me questions, whether I’m working with them formally or not. I strive to be your most valuable resource when it’s about your planning!


Recently, a bride I’m working with asked me more about the best location to have hair and makeup done. I loved this conversation because there’s actually quite a bit to think about and I believe it isn’t one size fits all.


Here are some things to think about when making this decision:


  1. What sort of mood/vibe are you planning for your day? Does strolling around in robe/PJs sound good or throwing on some jeans and heading out sound more appealing?
  2. Does traveling or the thought of it add any level of stress? If yes, stay at your getting ready location!
  3. The other aspect is timing. If you like to sleep in, want time for yoga, etc. and don't want to be pressed for time, the hotel or home provides you with the gift of time.
  4. Consider how it makes you feel. Does going to a salon make you feel beautiful and confident or would that feel better in the quiet of your own space?
  5. Who do you want near you? If you want anyone to be able to drop in and out (because some people will), your hotel or house is great!
  6. Your bridesmaids also affect this. Is each girlfriend getting their hair and makeup done or do some of them managing on their own? If some are doing it themselves, hair and makeup offsite, can prove a little more tricky, especially if you want those girls nearby during the morning.


Remember, if you do decide to travel and you don’t want your groom to see you, have your best friends coordinate with your groom to be sure sneak out without being seen!


Email me at hello@dotinganddetails if you want someone to talk through this with. I’d love to help!