Date Night: Dinner at Home

Photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

Photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

My friend and I were in our sweats, snuggled into her couch sipping tea when I told her that I couldn’t make plans on a certain night she was asking about because Dustin and I had date night. She looked at me bewildered and asked what I meant.


I was sort of embarrassed, but really all I meant was we scheduled a dinner date at home. It wasn't anything fancy, so it sort of sounded silly.


Here's the thing though: I believe in date nights whether you’re dating, engaged, or married for 30 years.


In a life where things get busy, fast, I’ve learned that in marriage, some things have to be scheduled. I don’t mean all the time, but definitely sometimes.


I encourage you to schedule a date night at home next week! Cook a favorite meal or experiment with something new. Pour a glass of wine, turn on your favorite tunes, and put your phones in the other room. Take an hour or two to be together without distractions. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be in your favorite pajamas (or dress up)! Do what makes you happy and simply be together. Take time to catch up and hear things beyond what happened during the day. You may be surprised what comes of the conversation.


I believe in communication, but I know that’s not always natural for everyone (definitely not my husband). You have to create time and space for communication to be able to happen.


So today, ask your fiance, boyfriend, spouse if they’re free next Wednesday night for a simple date night at home. Stuck on what to cook, here are a few blogs I love with great meals:


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