4 Reasons to Grab Five Minutes Alone with Your New Spouse


That's right. FIVE minutes alone with your new husband or wife on your wedding day!


This is a tip I always circle back to when I create timelines. There are photos immediately after and then you rush off to cocktail hour, dinner, and the evening progresses quickly.


Here’s why I recommend it to you:

Your day is busy and there’s a lot of emotion to get caught up in. It’s important to slow down and be present.

You’re married!! Celebrate that new commitment with the person you married.

You need to take time to feel the joy. Let it sink in.

Look at your wedding from a different perspective. At a distance, look at all the great people who came to support you and share their love. It’s humbling!


So how do you make this happen?

There’s no specific time I recommend this. And even if you have a first look, I still say make it happen later in the day as well. It could be in the middle of dinner, after toasts, or somewhere while all your guests are on the dance floor. Grab your photographer to join you or go alone. There’s no right answer here, but make it fit you.


Happy planning!