Wedding Morning: Questions to Ask Yourself

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

Hey ladies,


So many of you are getting ready for summer weddings in Maine! You have a thousand things on your plate right now and your squeaking by. It's the final push with my planning clients, so I know the feeling. I get it, which is why I take things off your plate when you're working with me!


I want you to envision your wedding day. At this point in the planning journey, you should have a good picture in your mind. Colors, linens, florals, guest experience, food... and so much more.


Tell me what you’re thinking about? Walking down the aisle, your first dance with your new spouse, singing your heart out with your friends? There are so many different facets.


Today I want you to think about getting ready. Here are some questions to ask yourself while planning these hours before you tie the knot:


By yourself or with your tribe?

Do you need to set the mood with a playlist?

What do you smell?

Are there enough mirrors? Outlets?

Is there enough food planned- breakfast and lunch?

Mimosas anyone? Coffee? Water?

Do you need to make time for yoga or a run?

Perhaps see your soon-to-be-hubby to take a breather?

Send a gift to fiance with a note?

What are you wearing?


Think about these hours as part of your full day experience. Make the morning easy for you! This is the time to delegate. I can drop you lunch or maybe your mom does.


We have one date left for July if you still need day of execution and one in October. Reach out if you still need someone to take care of this for you. I got this! Read more about this collection here.