5 Tips While You're Using Pinterest



I still find Pinterest to be one of the best tools when working through a design (home design, wedding design, anything). When I’m looking for photos to add to your style board or color inspiration board, I head to Pinterest because it’s the best resource for an image search.


Here’s what I often find when clients invite me to join their current board: one wedding board that keeps me scrolling for days.


As you begin saving all these ideas (and I’m SO glad you are), here are a few things to consider:

Create multiple wedding boards, but name them so they are easy to find (example: wedding: escort cards, wedding: dresses)

Pin everything you like to start!

After some time, go back through and remove things that don’t seem interesting anymore.

If there are themes or colors you see as you go back, find a few more of things that match.

Now, look at all your boards again and even screenshot them. Print them out if you want so you can see a lot at once! What themes, colors, styles, ideas present themselves a lot? You’ll most likely start seeing trends and then we know that's the direction to head in.


Definitely use Pinterest to your advantage! Don’t get lost in it though or let it become consuming. And also remember that it’s not the only place for photo inspiration. Be sure to check instagram to and use relevant hashtags as you poke around! It’s a fun feeling to start being able to envision your wedding!! 


If you’re stuck in this Pinterest phase, be sure to reach out so we can chat about how we can help you move forward and bring your beginning plans to life! Better yet, let's tackle this exercise together! hello@dotinganddetails.com