Foss Mountain Love

We spent the weekend backpacking. By now, you may know that if I don’t have a wedding, Dustin and I sneak away to the mountains. Despite the pouring rain, we did just that a few weekends ago. After a 6:00am wake up from some moose just 30 yards from our tent, we got packing so we could get home at a decent time to get ourselves (and Porter who needed a bath) ready for a date night back in the mountains.


We left home with plenty of time. We even stopped for some caffeine on the way into NH. A dirt road welcomed us, which is something we’re used to heading into the mountains. But as we continued on it, it was getting pretty rough. It didn’t seem right. We turned around. Nothing on the GPS seemed right and of course the service was mostly nonexistent, so we couldn’t reach Carolina (our photographer). My stress level was rising super fast.


Finally we were able to reach Carolina on the phone and she ensured us that we had been on the right road. We just came at it by the less traveled direction. So. We headed back to where we came from. We were so worried about missing any sort of sunset, so Dustin started pushing the speed on these back roads. We bottomed out the Subaru twice and I tried to find any sort of light in the situation.


We arrived and raced to the top of the mountain (while also changing our clothes in the woods… we had traveled in comfy clothes for the hour and a half drive (and thank goodness we did because my stress caused some sweat ha))! We made it and gosh, I’m so glad we didn’t turn to go home because we definitely had considered that.


Look at the magic Carolina captured for us! And be sure to see more of Carolina's work on her site here.