Registry Review, Part II


To help you determine the best registry for your wedding, I’ve looked into some larger companies offering this service. Take a look at this post and last week’s where I reviewed Zola, Amazon, and Crate and Barrel, to help you determine which is the best fit. This week, I’m digging into:

My Registry


Simple Registry


Gift options:

Any retailer

Cash funds available

Features and notes:

It takes your guests to the site (where the item is from) and they need to go back to to mark the item(s) as purchased (guests need their order number to do this step).

If your guest doesn’t want to provide their name and email, they can’t make a purchase

Provide welcome message and wedding details (on separate tabs)

They offer an app to help you manage your registry

You can add gifts on the go with your smartphone by scanning barcodes

Returns and exchanges:

Returns are with the direct stores in which items were purchased (not through My Registry)

Downfall: repeat gifts may happen if a guest does not update their purchase right away

V. B L U E P R I N T

Gift options:

Gifts from any retailer

Cash funds

Features and notes:

Important any of your registries to this location

For items you didn’t receive, Blueprint offers 10% off on select items for up to a year

Group gifting

Gift tracking

Personalize it by adding a profile picture and cover photo

You can organize items in a specific order, by price, or by retailer

Can mark your favorite items so guests buy those first

As the name suggests, the registry offers blueprints of every room in a home, which allows you to visualize what you need and want as you build out your list

When guests want to make a purchase, they're taken to a third-party site to do so and it is up to them to go back to Blueprint to indicate that the item has been purchased

Privacy: you can choose to make it private

Returns and exchanges:

“As gifts are purchased, a notification email is sent to you with details of the gift and who purchased it. Two weeks after the wedding, you receive a summary categorized by vendor that includes each company’s return instructions.”

CON: repeat gifts if a guest does not update their purchase right away


Gift options:

Easily build your registry with items, activities, and experiences you'd like to receive and guests contribute monetary gifts towards them. As you receive monetary gifts, redeem them as often as you would like. Instead of sending you the actual gifts, we send you a bank check or bank transfer so you can personally purchase the items, activities, and experiences whenever and from wherever you choose!

Features and notes:

Make your registry private with a password

Group gifting available

To redeem there are four options: Checks sent USPS First Class Mail, PayPal, ACH Bank Transfer, or International Wire Transfer.

An email detailing the gift will be automatically sent to both the guest and you and your account information is updated immediately

Personalize it with a photo and welcome note

Guests can search by category (from tabs you’ve created) or by price

Returns and exchanges:

Not needed since you make the purchases and manage on your own

If you have questions about any of these, comment below or send a quick email to I’m always happy to help!