Gifting Ideas for Anyone on your List


Gifts are hard. Am I right?!

Personally, I love thoughtfully picked out gifts, to give and to receive. BUT it’s difficult to nail that for everyone on your list, especially multiple times in one year. So, today I want to give you some ideas for those people on your list for your wedding day. It’s people nearest to your heart. Your immediate family and best of friends.

The Girls (sister, mom, and bridesmaids)

The Ropes bracelets

Maine Made clutches

Jewelry from Maine Melon

Marine inspired clutch from Alaina Marie

The Guys (brother, dad, groomsmen)

Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Beer Tote

Dopp Kit

For Anyone

Custom Maps

Gathering Basket

Apple Tree to Be Kit

Gift Card to their Favorite Restaurant

A pre-planned picnic

Popcorn seasonings

Tote Bags

Bean Box Coffee Sampler


There are also some really great gift boxes planned for you. These are thoughtful and easy. Here are some of my faves:

Marigold Grey

Simone LeBlanc

Box Fox

One Hope

Remember that gift cards are totally okay. Put thought into which one you choose and why it has significance and remember to explain your thinking in your card. Your friend or family member will appreciate that you got them something that they are going to LOVE and sometimes, that just isn’t a physical gift.

Happy planning!