Planning Your Processional Order

Photo by: Erin Little Photography

Photo by: Erin Little Photography


It’s the day before your wedding and you’re at your venue with your best friends and closest family. Everyone’s excited and you’re about to walk through the ceremony with your officiant and planner. All of a sudden, you’re ready to start, but completely stare blankly when your planner asks the order in which everyone will stand. This is not the scenario you want to be in! Before rehearsal, I urge you to think about the processional order, who will be included, who won’t and how your wedding party will stand (or sit).

Come to rehearsal with this planned and discuss it with your planner so she can have it in her notes, so that you don’t have to!

Here’s what to decide:

What’s the order for your wedding party

Which family members will walk down the aisle

The order in which everyone will walk down the aisle

Where family will sit (do they want to be on your side or opposite so they can see your face)

Here’s a common processional plan:

The groom and groomsmen enter from the side

Grandparents (if they are able)

Parents of the groom

Mother of the bride (accompanied by family member or good friend)



Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer

Flower Girl


As with all wedding details, do what you want and what makes you happy! There’s no right or wrong answer, unless you’re trying to follow tradition. Don’t forget to think about the little things as you’re planning this order, like bridesmaid dress colors or lengths. Also, layer in music plans!

I encourage to make your plan right now. Grab your fiance and put the plan in your Google Drive or type it in your phone and as always, email with any questions!