Questions to Ask Your Friend Who is Officiating

Photo by: Emily MacCabe Photography

Photo by: Emily MacCabe Photography


If you’re having a friend or family member marry you, you’re probably super excited about it! Choosing an officiant isn’t easy, but when you do make that decision, it feels good because it’s one of the most intimate roles on your wedding day.

One of the biggest criteria when selecting someone is feeling confident about their public speaking abilities, but there are other things you should think about too. Will you be able to go over all the details of the ceremony order and readings with this person? Will they do as you hope and envision or will they ultimately do what they want?

Once you’ve confirmed that friend or family member, go through the nitty gritty with them:

Are they official? Have they filled out the necessary pieces online to be sure it’s legal?

Does she have a plan for how she’ll hold the script, including your vows?

Does he know who should be holding the ring as he reads each part of the exchange of rings?

Will they make sure you’re not standing too far apart and are looking at each other more than them?

Did they make a plan with you for signing your marriage license?

Do they know what should be done with your marriage license after you’ve signed?

Your ceremony is the reason why you’re having a wedding and the reason for the celebration to follow. You’re marrying your best friend! Be sure your ceremony script is polished and that these details are well planned out.

So go ahead, copy and paste this and send it to your officiant! Ask him if he knows the answer to all these things and if not, work through it together or let me know you’re stuck so we can talk through it during one of our consults!