Bud Vase Inspiration

Floral design with bud vases is one of my favorite ways to adorn your guest tables! At my own wedding 6 years ago, I used them on the few rectangular tables we used (mixed with rounds). There’s something sweet about them that I adore!

I have some brides that take on floral because it’s a piece of design they really feel excited about and they can’t imagine missing out. They enjoy taking time on Friday with a bestie, cutting stems and making arrangements. Other brides take it on because they need to cut back spending somewhere, so they seek a talented floral designer for bouquets, but DIY the centerpieces.

Managing floral design is definitely not for everyone and quite frankly, I don’t recommend it unless you’re 100% ready for the BIG endeavor. Whether you’re managing it, your mom, or a talented friend, it creates a level of stress for them (or you). Sometimes, it’s simply better to just be a guest so no one worries about what could go wrong.

If you ARE going to tackle the centerpieces, we have bud vases to help you. No need to purchase 100 bud cases you’ll never use again! So here’s what to do:


Start by getting your flowers wherever you’d like, whether that’s from a local flower farm, a pre-order with Whole Foods, or another source.


Next, tell me you’d like to rent our bud vases and we’ll work out a plan for pick up.


Not feeling up for cutting the stems on your own? Ask us for help! We’re happy to add this to your package!

Take a look at recent Doting and Details weddings where floral filled bud vases were a highlight of design and then reach out to us about renting: