Decision Overload

Hey guys!

Decision making pops up in so many areas of life, am I right?! Think:

What’s for dinner?

Vacation Planning.

Weekend Plans.

What should I wear today?

What route should I run?

When it comes to wedding planning, there are literally hundreds of decisions to be made. Some decisions are trivial, simple ones, like which flatware set to go with. This decision doesn’t make a huge impact on your day. Other decisions feel daunting because they drive the planning process, like the style or color palette. No matter the size of the decision, they still have to be made.

Photo by: Leah Fisher Photo

Photo by: Leah Fisher Photo


When you have to make so many decisions on your own or with just your partner, you begin making decisions that don’t feel true to you or you may just avoid making the decisions at all. This can lead to things not getting done, later causing flaws in your planning and altering the final outcome of your wedding day.

Example: you’re trying to develop your vendor team and it’s feeling overwhelming because it’s a big team. You feel a sense of time pressure because you’ve heard vendors book quickly. With information overload and no insight into the industry, you can’t make a decision on your photographer. When you finally do, the one you were hoping to work with is already booked.

Decision making for something you’re not an expert on is daunting. Think back to our examples:

Trip planning: planning a trip to South Africa is not easy when you live in New York, but heck, planning a trip to South Africa when you’re from there- easy breezy!

What’s for dinner? Hard when we’re not food experts because it’s every day and it gets old, right? Insert nutritionist. Omg, life saver!

Overcoming decision fatigue:

Work with a planner, if you’re not already, and let her help you.

Stop listening to so many opinions and trust yourself.

Make decisions in the morning when you’re fresh.

Space out your decision process.

So, two things for you to do: First, email us to see if we are a good fit. Second, look at a calendar and make a plan for the decisions you have coming up, so it doesn’t come up all at once.