Online Rentals, Part I: Save Money

Photo by: Sara Elizabeth Photography

Photo by: Sara Elizabeth Photography


Rental opportunities save you money.

Your budget is a give and take and if you’re in the middle of your planning, you know this. Unless you have a planner you’re working with who educated you about wedding finances, you’re most likely spending more than you thought you would. If you don’t have a planner, you need some quick tips on where you can save.

When you rent some key items for your wedding day, you can spend more in areas that are really important to you, like a band, for example. You could also put that money in savings or shift it over to your honeymoon fund!

Here are some key places that will provide you rentals where you’ll be able to save some money!


Something Borrowed Blooms: floral

Wedding Flowers for Rent: floral


The Black Tux: tux and suits

Generation Tux: tux and suits

BRIDE: dress, jewelry, bridal belts, veils, and other accessories

Rent the Runway: dresses and accessories

Switch: designer jewelry

Happily Ever Borrowed: accessories

Little Things Borrowed: veils and accessories

Click on at least 2 of these and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised with what these top-rated companies have to offer!

Next week, hear about online rental companies that will help you find items you may not be able to locate with your local companies.