Online Rentals, Part II: Supplement

Photo by: Erin Little Photography, Floral: Watershed Floral

Photo by: Erin Little Photography, Floral: Watershed Floral


Your wedding design relies a lot on your rental choices. It’s the main element that brings a vision to life in a larger sense.

There’s a misconception that you need to work with just one rental company, but that isn’t the case. It’s certainly easiest if you’re managing the planning on your own to stick with one company, especially since this is just one vendor among a long list of others that will make up your team.

Here’s the thing though: if design is important to you, take time with your rental choices. Keep in mind, design doesn’t need to be elaborate or over the top expensive to be important. There’s a beauty in simplicity when it’s down well.

There are a lot of rental options and so many are local, but there’s also many resources available online. Here’s a list for you to consider:


La Tavola

Creative Coverings


Borrowed Blu

Summit City Rental

Click and pick out one thing that could make a big difference on your wedding day and then see if you can make a switch. Feeling unsure about rentals? That’s something we love organizing for clients, so send us an email at