Olive and Co. (our rebranding)


Hi everyone!

I’m so glad to be sharing more with you today about the rebranding. There are so many elements I want to express, so I’m going to break it down into:

The timing

The name

The design

The Timing

There are a few different parts to 2019 being the right time for a rebrand. First, Doting and Details was born in 2015 after Dustin and I moved to Maine together. It started with a need I had to fill my empty summers as a classroom teacher. What began as a simple desire to fill free time turned into something that really excites me, so when it grew, it felt natural to leave teaching. After I left the classroom, I worked part time as I continued to grow and just recently, I made the switch to dive into my business full time.

Second, we’ve grown! I used to somehow manage this all on my own, but now, we’ve added a lead planner and an intern. We’ll be adding more assistants to the team, but I don’t have intentions to grow beyond that. I love the intimate feel of a small team and it allows me to keep doing what I love, which is working with couples, planning their wedding day!

Lastly, July 25th in particular. Tomorrow is our 6th anniversary!! We always take time to celebrate. I knew that the launch would take time and energy (thanks to Kelsea’s guidance), so I’d spend that time today and then tomorrow, enjoy my anniversary!

The Name

My business needed a name fast, so after some brainstorm at the kitchen counter over a week, I picked one. It served me well for 4 years, but I was longing for something with more intention. I knew a name change could be confusing, but that I’d make it work!

In order to understand more specifically about the decision behind Olive and Co., you have to hear a bit about Dustin and I and how our relationship began.

Dustin showed up at my friend Jenn’s house in cut off jean shorts and a ripped up flannel carrying a bottle of orange soda he picked up for me on the way! Not the most typical attire! I was in Colorado on a vacation visiting a college friend of mine. While I was there, Dustin kept showing up, more and more in fact. And after spending a few short days together while I was visiting, I flew home to Maine. Right away we began our relationship with long phone calls every morning and night. Despite the long distance, our relationship grew faster than we could’ve imagined and we were flying back and forth once a month. Not long into our relationship, we both wanted to express the love we were feeling. We didn’t want to say “I love you” on the phone (we weren’t FaceTiming- Dustin still had a blackberry!), so we sweetly began saying “Olive juice.” It got us through to the next flight and on our drive back to Dustin’s house from Denver’s airport, he pulled over and we both blurted it out as fast as we could.

Olive and Co. was born from our story because our marriage is what inspired me to plan weddings. Olive comes from “Olive Juice” and Co. comes from where our story began which was Colorado.

The Design

First off, the colors. I’m absolutely obsessed! They’re romantic and classic.

Then there are the sweet tulips that express a forever love that I wish for my couples. Within those tulips, you’ll notice the subtle mountain peaks. I live for days in the mountains with Dustin and Porter and those adventures speak a lot to who I am and what energizes me. It was so important they snuck their way in. You’ll also see my love for the coastline as well. It’s ticked beautifully with the E in Olive.


I’m so excited to have a brand that has all the elements I need in order to share what we do!! Thank you for reading and coming along on the journey!!