Our Advice: Schedule a Mock Up!

Hey friends!

I’m a huge fan of a table mock up! I started offering these to 2019 clients and I’ve quickly found how necessary they are. So let me tell you more!

First of all, what is a mock up? Mock ups combine your centerpieces (including floral, and candles) with your tabletop dinner rentals and any stationery on the table (like a menu, table number, or place card). A mock up pulls all these elements together in order to see them all working together.

Here’s why I love doing it:

  • It confirms that you’ve communicated with your florist well and if you haven’t, it allows you to fix that

  • It helps you see all the pieces working together

  • It brings your vision alive

  • You won’t need to worry anymore about any surprises on your wedding day, so it eases any fears

  • It helps you see if you’re missing something

  • It’s the time to make any placement adjustments

  • If you’re stuck on two napkins, this is your chance to flush that decision out instead of using guesswork

I recommend every couple do one! And quite frankly with most of my couples, we do a second after making revisions from the first round.

So, talk to your florist and rental company. See if they’re on board with helping you do it (keep in mind, you’ll likely have a small extra floral fee for this, but it’s worth it)! You’ll want it all setup at the rental showroom and they’ll most likely setup most details for you and you’ll bring in flowers and other elements.

And while you’re there, take LOTS of photos!

Send me an email if you have questions!

Happy planning,