Dustin and Cassie | Hudson Gardens, Colorado


After planning and coordinating weddings for four years, I look at weddings with a slightly different lens than I used to, but at every wedding, there’s a common theme: love and joy. And those two emotions are why I love working with couples like you!

A friend asked me recently for a wedding photo she discovered on Facebook. I had to go digging into my external hard drive. It was the best sort of hunt I could go on because looking through those hundreds of photos brought back so many great emotions. I wrote about my own wedding when I first started sharing on my blog 4 years ago, but for so many reasons, it felt right to share again but with that new lens on.

Our wedding 6 years ago may not be what I’d pick now for us because wedding design was really just emerging then. So although it may look a little different if it was in 2019, it was perfect because it’s what I knew how to create at the time. My dad and my step dad walked me down the aisle and I danced with them both too. I was insanely nervous about how I would know when it was our turn to go. We took a break during our ceremony to sip our water and made guests hang tight for 30 seconds. I cried a lot during our ceremony and that was okay too. We took time during our cocktail hour for more photos and hung out on a bench for longer than we maybe should have. But really, we just wanted to be together! We had soft seating before it really became a thing, making our cocktail hour feel like home and our grand entrance was so much fun: insert some ridiculous moves to I’m Sexy and I Know It. We had mason jars and burlap runners mixed with lace, we had tons of DIY things that I loved making all through the winter when Dustin skied. We had homemade pies that were messy to eat.

Without photos, I couldn’t tell you what color our linens were or what our plates looked like. We had kids come that were not invited and a few things weren’t quite what I envisioned. We saved money where we needed to, like asking a friend of a friend to DJ. But regardless of some of the DIY, the unplanned occurrences, the anxiety about being the center of attention, I had the absolute BEST day. What I remember most (without looking at photos) is our ceremony. The emotion was so real and I didn’t once think about the 88 people watching us (like I thought I would). I thought about marrying Dustin and how excited I was for him to be my husband and for me to be his wife.

After our photos, we did join cocktail hour and we had a great time hanging out with our favorite people who could make the trip to Colorado (it was a destination wedding for almost all our guests). We ate really great food served from a buffet because that’s what we could afford and those meatballs were spot on! We listened to fun, kind, inspiring words from our best friends. I was mesmerized during our first dance and I had a blast on the dance floor with our friends afterwards! You guys, we even did a garter toss because we had plenty of single guy friends!!

What I wish for now? More time… Even with 90 guests, my family and likely, some of my friends who traveled far, didn’t get to see enough of me on my wedding day and I was pulled in different directions. And when I think about it, I just wanted the day with Dustin and we may have been better off to elope, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Right? But all in all, our wedding day was just as I hoped because Dustin and I got to be together and share all the love we have to give to each other and to our people. And after all, I simply wanted to marry the man that brought so much happiness into my life and we did just that! And I hope that on our wedding day, we inspired others to be reminded about all the love they have in their own lives.

As a wedding planner now, I may have done a few things differently, heck yes, but what it comes down to is this:

Do what you know will make you happy and there’s a thousand ways I could explain that, but I encourage you to think about what that actually means for you (and if you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to give me a ring or shoot me an email).

For now, enjoy these fun throw back from our wedding day!

Photographer: Shelley Coar Photo

Venue: The Hudson Gardens

Caterer: The Pines

Florist: Sweet Pea