Why You Need a Wedding Budget

Photo: Leah Fisher Photo

Photo: Leah Fisher Photo


You need a wedding budget. It’s that simple, but it’s not that easy.

You’re likely to have no idea how much wedding costs will be. It’s a whole new world, so you aren’t expected to know, but you should definitely educate yourself. If you don’t know, ask your planner (and if you don’t have a planner, as your coordinator to do consultation as an add-on to discuss your budget).

Here are some helpful tips to get you started with this part of your planning:

  • Familiarize yourself with vendor costs and the extras (candles, a card box, your dress, etc.)

  • Discuss the overall budget with your partner and with your family if they’re helping with costs

  • Have a number that you shouldn’t go over OR a number that’s slightly flexible (but know your boundary)

  • Make a spreadsheet (YESSS!) with various sheets, including: a general page with estimates, a detailed page, and a page to track your vendor payments

After you’ve got a good handle on the beginning part of this, start tracking and don’t be scared to go back to that spreadsheet. If you’re scared of looking at it, you’re likely not doing yourself any favors. If you decide to over spend on flowers (i.e. spend $5,000 when you’ve allocated $3,000), decide where you’ll make cuts and actually make them.

If you’re stuck with these BIG decisions, let me know. I’d love to talk with you about it!