The 5 Ws of Your Wedding Website


Hi Friends! I'm going to jump right in about your wedding website and go through the who, what, when, where, and why pieces so you have what you need to get yours in action or make revisions. So here we go...



I love wedding websites: when they’re easy to access, they hold ALL the information your guests need in one easy spot and those friends and family members can access it even when they aren’t at home. It holds important info they need to have a great guest experience!



Post your site when it’s ready. There’s no need to wait! Once you have all the nitty gritty that you’ll see below, you’ll be good to go. Also, please post BEFORE your save the dates go out, that way you can include the site on your mailing and guests can access it right away.



There’s a lot you can include, but I want to start what you should definitely have:

  • Your wedding day details: date, time, location
  • What to expect? attire and information about the venue (will your guests be on grass, have an ocean breeze?). You want friends and family coming prepared.
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation and parking details (even if you aren’t offering a shuttle)
  • Your registry
  • Welcome event information/brunch if you're hosting these events for everyone

Once you’ve got the must-haves, here’s a chance to add the fun stuff for your guests:

  • Things to do in the area (highlight the spots you love)
  • Your story
  • Details about your wedding party
  • If your venue is special to you, tell your friends and family why you chose it



Well of course get it out to everyone that’s attending! No need to post on Facebook though-- keep it intimate.



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