Tipping Advice

“How much do we tip?” and “Who do we tip?”

We get these questions all the time! Wedding expenses add up. Not a surprise, right? Tipping your vendors is one more cost. In most cases, tipping is a choice and very few vendors are expecting it, but in the service industry, it’s always appreciated when there’s a tip shared to show your gratitude. As you’re thinking about this, here’s one big detail to consider: How was your experience with the vendor leading up to your wedding day? This should impact your decision.

Below, you'll see tipping suggestions, which I've gathered after talking with local professionals in the industry. However, it's different for everyone and ultimately, you and your fiance should do what makes you feel comfortable.


Makeup and Hair Stylist: 15-20%


Planner/Coordinator: $50-$200

Ceremony Musicians: $15 - $20 per musician

Photographer and Videographer: $50 - $400

Caterer: $20 for each server and more for a head chef or organizer. However, this may already be included in your contract, so look over those details carefully.

DJ: $50 - $150

Band: $25 for each musician

Florist: up to 10% of your final bill

Delivery folks: $5-10 a piece

After making these tough decisions, be sure to plan how you will get these tips to your vendors and try to include a short note with the money. A family member or your wedding planner (me!) can be in charge of this task.

If you choose not to tip, there are a few other ways to show your appreciation for all those individuals that helped make your wedding day a success:

Find them briefly on your wedding night to tell them what their service meant to you and your new spouse! These genuine words of affirmation are always valued!

Write a personal handwritten thank you note. When I receive these, my heart melts.

Whether your vendor asks for a review or not, send them feedback in an email. They want to hear how they did!

Write a review! Don’t wait for them to ask for it. Put it on one platform, like Google and copy and paste it to The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook.

As you plan these tips, be sure to ask if you have questions!!