Why Photo Sessions are the Best Sort of Date

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

Photo by: Greta Tucker Photography

It’s true, having your photos taken with your partner is a date and I’ll even argue that it’s one of the best kinds of dates!


Dustin and I recently had our photos taken for the third time in 12 months. Here’s why: we love taking photos together. It’s fun. We may not have said that the first time-- we were nervous. Nothing a quick shot of Fireball couldn’t cure! But we also just got over it quickly because we were comfortable with our photographer.


So here we are, with 3 completed in a short time. The first one was set out for me to receive photos for Doting and Details. The second shoot was meant to be with family, but didn’t come to fruition. The third, was a surprise picnic for Dustin and I was able to grab a photographer for the occasion.


On this last picnic shoot, I was reflecting with Amy, our photographer, and she nailed it: it’s a date! Having photos taken is absolutely a date! Dustin and I get to kiss, touch, dance, laugh, and frolic (not to mention the butt grabs!). We don’t ever do this, so it’s the perfect excuse to simply be with one another. Sure, there’s a “third-wheel,” but with the right photographer, it doesn’t feel this way at all.


Having a mini-session with a photographer is well worth the investment because even if you don’t print the photos (which I highly recommend by the way), it’s the best sort of date with no distractions.


Here are some of our photos from May with Greta from Greta Tucker Photography: