Why You Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner


As a wedding planner myself, I’m admittedly biased when it comes to this topic. I won't, of course, tell you that you must hire a wedding planner, but I truly believe in the value of hiring a professional to help guide you on your important day! Every bride and groom needs a planner by their side along the way for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you need someone to help you define your style, vision, and emotion that you want to convey to your guests or you need someone to make sure you stick to your budget while you also pay vendors on time. Well, whatever the reasons are behind why you're considering the idea of a planner, here are some my thoughts to help you decide what's best for you and your fiance!

Your friends and family are super helpful, but they shouldn’t take the place of a planner.

  • Family and friends are most importantly at your wedding to be witness to the beautiful day. You want them to fully enjoy the experience that you’ve got planned for them! They may have helped you leading up to the day of and yeah, they may be able to follow directions of your plans, but have you thought about what you'll do if they don't quite follow the plan you envisioned? It's best that they should be left to enjoy your great day!  

Venues often have a an on site planner, but again this shouldn’t be a substitute for your own personal planner.

  • The job of the on-site coordinator is to be sure that the interests of the venue are held first, whereas your own planner’s job is to ensure that the needs and desires of the couple are first and foremost are taken care of. Site planners may be willing to help in some ways, but more than likely, they will not help with setup or cleaning up. It is in your best interest to have a planner behind you on your big day!

Planning a wedding requires A LOT of time.

  • 40% of couples take 10 hours per week planning their wedding during their engagement. Granted, this varies widely from couple to couple and certainly depends on the type of wedding you're planning. Wedding planners can help take a lot off your plate so that the process really becomes something you can enjoy. Not only do you want a memorable wedding day, but the process itself should also be one you speak highly of! As part of the time concern, many working couples may have difficulty connecting with vendors if they are unable to give up time during the work week. A wedding planner can help make those connections easier because we act as the liaison between the two.

You may come across tricky family things to overcome.

  • A wedding planner can be a neutral third party helping a bride and groom with their loved ones who may not understand some of the decisions a couple may be making. The wedding planner can field some of those questions or mismatching styles in a way that doesn’t create tension within the family.

You need help maintaining your budget.

  • You and your fiance have come up with a budget for yourselves that make sense. You've talked with family members to see if they are helping at all or if you'll be funding it by yourselves. Or maybe you really aren't sure what your budget should be and specifically at doting + details, we have a financial planner who can help advise you with this decision. Regardless of which of these scenarios describes you, we can help you STICK to your budget. It's easy to start accruing more costs than you planned when you have a wedding vision in mind, but your planner can help you get the best of your budget and help you decide where to best put your finances.

You’ll have someone to talk A LOT with about your wedding day!

  • Talking about your wedding IS fun and not everyone understands where that energy comes from. Either they haven’t experienced the feeling yet or they have, but your ideas and positive energy just isn’t read right. It’s hard to decide how much to talk to your loved ones about your day. Brides need someone to talk with and share with whether it is the excitement that comes along or the worries that come up. Your wedding planner wants to listen and maybe even help you relax with a glass of wine!

You should have a beautiful wedding day that you can be present at to fully enjoy!

  • I want every couple to have a wonderful day that they get to fully enjoy and be a part of. I don’t want a couple worrying about the small things when they could be having fun with their guests and laughing the evening away. Each couple deserves to think back to their wedding day and feel like they were truly a part of it and know they loved the day and the process leading to it!

I hope I’ve helped show you why having a wedding planner is essential to your special day! 


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